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The blue link names are discount coupon codes that can be used to save when you place online hotel booking orders with CheapOstay.

Copy the code and 'click' to open the page where you can redeem the coupon.

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Weekend Getaway

Don't miss the opportunity! Forget the chores for a couple of days! Book a luxury hotel room for a weekend! Enjoy hotel luxury and make new friends while you sit back and 'chill out'. Special weekend prices + up to $20 coupon offer!


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When you want the best value price for a particular hotel room use coupon links on this page and apply the 'hotel style' filters to narrow down to the hotels that meet your need.

Book a near-airport hotel and enjoy a refreshing shower and rest after your long international flight!

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These vacation deals are available at destinations worldwide. Save up to 35% off standard room price with CheapOstay online hotel booking!

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When price is important you'll love these low-cost CheapOstay hotel rooms. Under $99 hotel offers sell fast so compare price and book quickly to avoid disappointment.

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Infection Risk

When you're off to a dream vacation overseas you don't want a throat infection to ruin your plans!

With many passengers travelling from various destinations there is a high chance of coming into contact with bacteria that are new to your immune system. There's a high probability that you will touch a bacteria-contaminated surface and get a hand-to-mouth infection at the flight terminal building or on the aircraft. If that happens the result could be an unwanted throat infection, a debilitating cold, or a more serious infection.

There's an effective probiotic supplement that travelers can use to defend themselves against unwanted travel infection. Read more ...

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